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Thank You!


Thank you to all of the amazing people who donated to our first CareTouch in the Community cause, Hike for Hospice, to benefit the Butterfly Program of Porter Hospice.

Our original goal was $1000 and we surpassed it, reaching $1822 in donations thanks to your help! In total, through our sponsorship, fundraising efforts, and butterfly release during the hike, we raised over $4,000!


Top of Mount Lindo2

On Sunday, September 14, the CareTouch in the Community team climbed to 7,600 feet (approximately 2.5 miles) to the top of Olinger Mount Lindo, home of the illuminated cross in Morrison, Colorado. As a Peak Sponsor for the 9th Annual Hike for Hospice, we raised funds for the Butterfly Program, which provides pediatric palliative care.

Thank you for your support!


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CareTouch: On a Mission


I joined CareTouch about a year and a half ago, and back then, the face of CareTouch was very different from the company we are today. We had big goals and not very many people to help make them happen. Our lopsided hierarchy consisted of 5 senior managers and only 3 client service representatives. “That’s a lot of chefs in the kitchen,” I thought, “and not a lot of people left to directly serve our customers.”

And thus, the big conundrum: How was a company with such big goals, a handful of customers and an even smaller number of client service representatives going to make a difference? Here’s how we did it.

Last Fall, we shook up the company.  We started by making a complete shift from a technology company to a services company. We then got lean and maintained only the people and the perks that were going to keep our company motivated and aligned with our big goals. We developed vision and mission statements that meant something to us (and still do). We began fostering a culture that made coming to work fun, challenging, and profitable at the same time.

Has it been easy? Not in the least bit. Is it rewarding to be where we are today? Absolutely.

We’ve had to completely shift the way we thought about our business, our target market, and how we related to one another inside the walls of the company. Here are some things we’ve learned along the way:

Planning is good. By getting our entire staff on the same page about what we wanted to achieve, how we planned on doing it, and how each person contributed to the overall picture, we were able to get a clear picture of our goals and the steps it would take to get us there.

Accountability is important. No matter how great your goals are, they are worthless if the parties responsible aren’t held accountable for the results. We’ve learned to review the progress against our goals regularly and make sure everyone is supported in order to reach them.

People are even more important. The folks at the top always knew this, but I think that our culture has transformed the entire company in a way that every single employee knows that they are a critical spoke in our collective wheel.

Walk your talk. Do we focus on adherence or on resupply? Are we truly compassionate communicators? How do we demonstrate this compassion in everything we say and do? These were fundamental objectives and values that we wanted to focus on and express, and we did it by understanding our customer’s needs better, as well as working to create programs that would allow us to walk our talk, e.g. CareTouch in the Community.

Of course, we’ve learned many other valuable lessons along the way. We’ve made some mistakes, have celebrated many victories, and have course-corrected when necessary, but this is all part of the process of becoming a great company that serves great customers. And, we’re not finished yet.


Cindy Skerjanec is Marketing Director for CareTouch and brings two decades of strategic marketing and branding expertise to the company. She has led CareTouch’s brand initiatives, strategic marketing direction and tactical execution for the last year. In her spare time, she leads marketing workshops and teaches yoga. She lives with her husband and two children in Colorado.

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CareTouch Surpasses Internal Fundraising Goal for 9th Annual Hike for Hospice

Denver, CO – August 13, 2014 – CareTouch Communications, Inc. announced that it has exceeded its initial goal of raising $1000 to support the Butterfly Program of Porter Hospice through the Hike for Hospice event to be held on Sunday, September 14. CareTouch aims to continue fundraising efforts with the objective of doubling their initial goal.

Last month, CareTouch formed a new employee-driven outreach program called CareTouch in the Community, where CareTouch employees select causes they are passionate about to provide hands-on support. The team will hike 2.5 miles at the Hike for Hospice event to raise money for the Butterfly Program, which provides pediatric palliative care.

In addition to collective and individual fundraising efforts, CareTouch is a Peak Sponsor of the Hike for Hospice event.

“We are so thankful to the people who have already donated to our team’s fundraising efforts,” commented Matthew Dolph, CEO of CareTouch. “We have a healthy dose of interoffice competition going on in an effort to raise as much money as we can for this great program, and we look forward to the prospect of doubling our initial fundraising goal.”

If you are interested in learning more please click here.


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Opening the Books is the Recipe for a Better-Run Company

accountingSeveral weeks ago I came across an article in the Business Insider about a CEO who opens the company’s books to employees. Her $30 million, 53-employee-company thrives, she says, because all employees understand the details behind the bottom line.

This is a practice we’ve developed at CareTouch, and I think it has been an important part of our growth over the last year. The more employees know about our revenue, expenses and net income, the more opportunity they have to help impact the bottom line.

At our quarterly All-Hands Meetings, we bring lunch in for the entire company and each department provides an update on that quarter’s events, accomplishments and opportunities for improvement. My job is to share the overall state of the company and then take everyone into a deep dive of the previous quarter’s financials. The only data not shared are individual salaries, but everything else is up in plain view for all to see.

The benefits from this type of “open cloaked” approach are far-reaching. Our employees have a better understanding of what’s coming in, what’s going out, and how they fit into that overall puzzle.

For example, in the last 6 months, understanding our financial picture has helped our employees and managers make decisions regarding:

  • Whether we should extend our existing office space lease or move to another space
  • If it’s the right time to purchase equipment
  • Our hiring process/timing
  • When it’s time to add more perks

It’s clear to see that people and companies make the best decisions when they have all the information. When you are basing decisions on a gut feel or no information, you’re bound to make the wrong one. When everyone has this information, they’re able to make use of it in their daily work life so the next time we gather for our quarterly meeting, we see that net income arrow continue to tick up!


Matthew Dolph is CEO for CareTouch Communications, Inc. and brings 20 years of service management experience to the company’s operations. He has helped design, implement and manage numerous patient communication solutions for CareTouch customers and business partners. He coaches numerous soccer teams and lives in Colorado with his wife and four children.

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CareTouch is a Peak Sponsor for the 9th Annual Hike for Hospice in Morrison, Colorado

Denver, CO – July 22, 2014 – CareTouch Communications, Inc. has formed a new employee-driven outreach program called CareTouch in the Community. CareTouch™ employees will select causes they are passionate about throughout the year, and provide hands-on support in line with their mission to help people in and around the community improve their health. The program’s first cause is Hike for Hospice, to benefit the Butterfly Program of Porter Hospice.

On Sunday, September 14, the CareTouch in the Community team will climb to 7,600 feet (approximately 2.5 miles) to the top of Olinger Mount Lindo, home of the illuminated cross in Morrison, Colorado. As a Peak Sponsor for the 9th Annual Hike for Hospice, the team will be raising funds for the Butterfly program, which provides pediatric palliative care.

“Over the last year we’ve dialed in our company’s mission, which is to be compassionate communicators partnering to improve people’s health,” commented Matthew Dolph, CEO of CareTouch. “I’m proud that our new CareTouch in the Community program crystalizes this mission in a way that will provide hands-on help and support for people in our own community.”

Learn more about our fundraising efforts here.


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CareTouch: Through the Eyes of a CSR

iStock_000023173199_MediumAt CareTouch, our Client Service Reps (CSRs) are the lifeblood of our company’s success. Our highly-trained CSRs reach out to patients on behalf of healthcare providers, to make sure they are current on their supplies and are adhering to their therapy. We asked one of our fantastic CSRs, Angie, to provide a little insight about her job . . . and here’s what she had to say!

I’ve been working for CareTouch for the last 2 years and enjoy reaching out to people every day. When you think of “call centers” you might conjure up a feeling of uninformed, disconnected people at the other end of the phone trying to sell you something. The call center at CareTouch is anything but that. We are a group of dedicated, compassionate communicators, reaching out to people to help them stay on their therapy and get the supplies they need right on time.

This way of thinking stems from our internal culture. We have a great team that works and plays together, and our customer’s best interests are always at the top of our minds. We love connecting with people from all over the country. As the day goes on we make calls from the east coast to the west coast, subconsciously picking up subtle nuances of culture change. A CareTouch CSR is also good at identifying different personality types and predicting how a call might go within seconds. For example, we know if we have the rushed business person or the free spirit with all the time in the world on the other end of the phone.

This job is all about people. I can honestly say I have had a conversation with every type of introvert and extrovert you can imagine. From the eleven-year-old boy who uses his nebulizer because he runs faster on the basketball court, to the eighty-year-old woman whose cat keeps putting holes in her CPAP tube, we talk to people of all ages and demographics. I always find it amazing how through many thousands of conversations, we remember certain names and stories.

We help people especially during the times when they think of their therapy as a chore, rather than a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We take the time to listen to their frustrations. Once they feel heard, it is amazing how often they talk themselves back around to the positive aspects of their home medical equipment. Witnessing this positive shift is fulfilling, and the commitment we make is to encourage this healthy change with each call we make.

Working at CareTouch has shown me what makes a meaningful conversation. It has shown me that you don’t have to be someone’s best friend, family member, neighbor, or teacher to have an engaging conversation with lasting impact. When you give someone the care and concern they deserve and truly listen, they open up and allow you to help. And that gives me the greatest satisfaction imaginable.


Angie Pagan has been working at CareTouch since September 2012 after graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in International Studies. Her study abroad experiences helped her learn the Spanish language which she is able to use frequently at CareTouch with Spanish speaking patients. She is very involved in the outdoor recreation community and enjoys rock climbing on the weekends. Her passion for people living active, creative, healthy lifestyles has greatly aided her work at CareTouch as a CSR.

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The Science Behind Patient Encounters

CWhen CareTouch was formed back in 2005, we were in the long term care space with a notification service for the family and friends of the residents. When the resident had a change of condition, our service would notify assigned family members and friends of the change.

Since that time, we’ve grown to be a leader in the resupply space and have completed well over two million patient encounters which is a series of questions that make up an outbound call flow or Web flow. In order to get this part of our business right, there was a science behind it. We set out to learn what patients preferred in terms of automated communication and outreach, and explored many areas critical to driving patient responses.

Through a variety of focus groups, interviews and surveys, we asked patients several questions regarding their follow-up care preferences, including:

  1. The time of day/day of the week they’d most prefer to be called
  2. The number of calls appropriate during the course of a day/week
  3. Whether or not they preferred to have a voice mail message left
  4. The preferred length of the call
  5. The types of questions they’d like to be asked, e.g. get straight to the point and get their supplies replenished or inquire about how their therapy is going

Each of these elements was critical to the development of our call outreach program, and has established CareTouch as a therapy-focused company that grows revenues for the HME providers we serve.

Our business is all about communication, and it is only with good, reliable and patient-focused communication that we are able to help our HME providers increase their supply revenue. If you don’t call your patients on a regular basis, you simply miss out on the opportunity to serve them. That’s what we do. And even though it’s not rocket science, I challenge you to find someone in our space who will take care of you and you patients better.


Matthew Dolph is CEO for CareTouch Communications, Inc. and brings 20 years of service management experience to the company’s operations. He has helped design, implement and manage numerous patient communication solutions for CareTouch customers and business partners. He coaches numerous soccer teams and lives in Colorado with his wife and four children.

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CareTouch Improves Service Offering with Billing System Integration

CareTouch Communications, Inc. released an enhanced version of their CareTouch360™ platform that supports One-way and Two-way billing system integration. The open system solution communicates with most billing systems, pulling data directly from the Home Medical Equipment (HME) provider and enabling streamlined implementation of patient outreach.

One-way integration allows the HME provider to pull their own patient order reports from the CareTouch360™ platform and manually enter orders. The Two-way integration solution goes a step further and uploads patient orders directly into their billing system. Two-way integration eliminates the need for data entry, and sometimes double data entry, saving the Home Medical Equipment providers time and money.

Home Medical Equipment providers using Mediware’s Fastrack™ or any billing software with a web services interface can immediately take advantage of the CareTouch360 platform enhancements.

“CareTouch is always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to keep their patients healthy,” commented Matthew Dolph, CEO of CareTouch. “Adding the integration element takes our solution to the next level, resulting in happy patients and increased revenues.”

Schedule an online live demo of CareTouch solutions by clicking here.


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CareTouch: Through The Eyes of an Intern

SOver the last few years, I’ve spent my summers either playing competitive baseball or working as an umpire. As a business student entering my last year of college, I wanted to do something different. Really different. So, here is what I’ve learned so far.

Coming into this internship, I did not know much about the healthcare industry, or for that matter, what CareTouch even did. My first several days were spent training on sleep apnea supplies and learning the customer service side of CareTouch.  This was a great way for me to begin understanding the business and how we help people get their medical supplies. After training, I quickly learned what an intern actually does: stuff letters in envelopes! There was a two day period where all I was doing was stuffing envelopes because the company brought on 10,000 more patients. Even though this was not the most intriguing job, it was my job.

My experience here so far has been amazing, in most part, because of the people that work here.  CareTouch has a great staff and everyone is willing to help out. Since I sit right by the live call team all day, I hear how well they interact with the patients we reach out to. I also see how they’ve built great relationships with one another.  This is not just true with the call team; everyone in the office gets along and has created a great company culture. I believe this is an essential part of why this business is thriving and growing.

The most surprising thing that I have seen so far, is how much fun everyone has doing their job.  Even though we get a lot of work done, we find ways to have fun and enjoy our jobs.  From the live call team 3pm popsicles, every-hour-on-the-hour one-minute workouts, and after work foosball, the company has created a productive yet enjoyable work place.

This brings me to my biggest lesson so far. In future endeavors, I want to find a career where I will enjoy going to work every day. I’ve learned from our CEO that building lasting relationships is a very important key to success in the business world. Here at CareTouch, I have learned that relationships are just as important within the work place as well.


Ryan Silva is a business student at Colorado Christian University, attending on a baseball scholarship, and plays center field. At CareTouch, Ryan is the summer intern that tends to any requests around the office. When he’s not stuffing envelopes, attending classes or playing baseball, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He’s also very active in the community, doing many service projects and mission trips with his baseball team. Ryan is home for the summer and will be heading back to complete his senior year in August.  

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Gaining Value from Shared Experiences

Networking4In May, I attended The Innovation Element Seminar in Denver. The evening brought together executives from Colorado’s small and midsize companies to hear a fast-paced lineup of speakers addressing innovative ways to drive measurable growth via inbound marketing strategies.

There were a few stand-out presentations that really resonated with me because of how they related to the initiatives we’re taking on at CareTouch.

John McCarvel, former CEO of Crocs, was the keynote speaker and brought the perspective of a successful company that had withstood hard times along their journey to success. Mr. McCarvel spoke of Crocs’ 3 Cs, which stand for Creed, Code, and Culture. This captivated me because of the initiatives that CareTouch is implementing, including creating a clear mission and vision, and a culture that speaks volumes about who we are and what we stand for. I was further energized knowing that all of these initiatives are hard to implement, but in the end, they have extreme value and are well worth the effort to pursue and perfect.

Mark Mitton, president of Carbon8, provided insight as to what makes a website great. One of the many nuggets I gleaned from this presentation was about why prospects come to your site. Most of the time it’s to get information, and many times, to get information on price. Previously, CareTouch had not listed pricing on our site, but after hearing the compelling reasons why this is so important, we implemented this change immediately.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Ben Jones’ presentation about including video in your marketing efforts. ImageBrew is known for their unique video production abilities, and Mr. Jones shared some of the innovative ways they were creating memorable videos for their clients. One of my favorites was the Water for People video. It showed people clad in their bathing suits, “floating” in a pool with no water and playing Marco Polo. The audience got a good laugh, while also internalizing the message that people really do need water. After looking at some of ImageBrew’s other video examples, CareTouch is actively working on creating a whiteboard video to show our prospective customers how we make their business easier and their revenues grow.

The lesson learned in all of this is, quite simply, that there are always lessons to learn as you are growing your business. When you open yourself up to the opportunity to hear how others have solved some of the very same issues you’re grappling with, it can cut your learning curve in half and you can gain immeasurable value from having shared the experience with some of the best.


Matthew Dolph is CEO for CareTouch Communications, Inc. and brings 20 years of service management experience to the company’s operations. He has helped design, implement and manage numerous patient communication solutions for CareTouch customers and business partners. He coaches numerous soccer teams and lives in Colorado with his wife and four children.

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